As our parish has grown, so has our need for space to worship. Our parish is over 150 years old and still growing. Our current focus is to pay off the debt that we incurred during the building of the present church.




While the previous capital campaigns have been 3-year commitments, we are asking for a 5-year commitment, as that is the term of the present mortgage.  We feel that between pledges and fundraising activities this is within our reach. The funds raised so far are illustrated by the chart below.

Groundbreaking for the current St. Mary’s building was April 21, 2008, and was dedicated on July 19, 2009.

This leads us into the Legacy of Faith Stewardship Campaign. As this balance is due in 5 years, the goal is to pay off the debt by that time and will vary depending upon how fast we pay off the debt. The faster we do, the less interest we will need to pay

For our parish family, this is about more than just a church building. Like those before us who worked to lead us to where we are today, how will we as a parish family leave a Legacy of Faith?

Click to download the Legacy Literature below.

Legacy Booklet

Legacy Devotional




You can make your charitable contribution online via our secure server. Click on the button below and you can make your gift to the Legacy of Faith by “electronic check” or with a credit card. Your gift may be a one-time event, or you can set it up to automatically reoccur. (Through VANCO Secure Server)