Moving to Step 3

The Diocese of Davenport has officially moved to Step 3 in the reopening process.
In Step 3:
  • Masks and social distancing are not required by anyone who is vaccinated.
  • The Diocese recommends that if you are not fully vaccinated, keep taking all precautions until you are fully vaccinated including wearing a mask, maintaining six foot social distance, hand sanitizing, and using well-ventilated spaces. Please keep in mind that large group gatherings, such as Mass, do put unvaccinated individuals at higher risk. Consideration should be given to remaining at home until vaccinated.
  • In general, indoor meetings and gatherings inside and outside are not time limited. Organizers should be attentive to the amount of time gathered; the longer the time together, the greater the risk for infection unless all attendees are vaccinated. The capacity of people in a space is determined by the need for unvaccinated people to maintain six-foot distancing between them and other unvaccinated people.
Read the full Diocesan Reopening Policy here.
All pews will be open at St. Mary Pella. However, if you would prefer to sit socially distanced during Mass please let one of the ushers know and they will direct you to a socially distanced seat.