Registration for 2024-25

Level I Registration (ages 3-5)

    Developed in Rome by biblical scholar Sofia Cavalletti and Montessorian Gianna Gobbi in 1954, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is rooted in the conviction that the young child possesses the profound capacity to enter into a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. The CGS approach is internationally recognized as an effective and developmentally appropriate method of faith formation for young children. It’s a Montessori-based Catholic faith formation program where children can grow in their relationship with God through a deep engagement in Sacred Scripture, Liturgy, and respect for the child’s rich relationship with God. Central to CGS is the atrium, a specially prepared room containing beautiful materials that children work with as a way of meditating upon the essentials of our faith found on key scripture passages or liturgical moments.
  • WHAT AGE LEVELS ARE SERVED? Saint Mary serves children three to five years old in a Level I program. Future development of the program may expand to serve elementary school age levels.  
  • I AM INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE. WHO DO I CONTACT? Please contact Paulina Loaiza at the parish office or
  • HOW DO I REGISTER MY CHILD FOR CGS? Fill out this registration form and deliver your payment to the Faith Formation office. Tuition is $125 for St. Mary Pella registered parishioners or $175 for non-registered parishioners.
  • WHEN IS CGS OFFERED? A small group meets once a week beginning on October 2nd through April 23rd. They meet on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. and follow this calendar (attached). 
  • WHO LEADS CGS? Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is led by catechists who have completed a robust formation program which includes 90 hours of training (level 1), 96 hours of training (level 2), and 110-120 hours (level 3).  
  • HOW IS CGS SUPPORTED AT SAINT MARY? In fall 2024 we will start our first CGS program with a temporary Atrium in the St. Luci room. Our materials are supported through a tuition fee of $125 for SMM Registered Parishioners or $175 for Non-Registered Parishioners. 
  • Parishioners discerning formation as a CGS Catechist may be eligible for a scholarship to cover the cost of training. Please contact the Faith Formation office if you are interested in discerning a possible call to serve as a CGS Catechist.